Battle System

ATB Primer

The Active Time Battle system returns, allowing players to execute numerous commands in a single turn with the multi-segment ATB gauge. Whether allocating a command in each segment for consecutive attacks, or expending multiple segments at once with a single devastating ability, players can choose the most effective method for meeting the shifting demands of battle.


Players can instantly change strategies by assigning roles to their party members at any time during battle. How effectively the player chooses paradigms will be the difference between victory and defeat.

  • Commando — deals brutal physical and magical attacks
  • Ravager — builds chain bonuses more effectively
  • Sentinel — draws enemy aggression to reduce damage to the party through enhanced defense
  • Medic — restores HP, removes status ailments, and revives KO'd allies
  • Synergist — employs a wide range of status-enhancing abilities to improve their allies' effectiveness in combat
  • Saboteur — casts an array of attribute-lowering abilities and status ailments to the enemy

Paradigms and Tuning

The Paradigm system allows you to select roles for your team in advance, build strategies that utilize these roles in unique combinations, then quickly shift strategies as the battle requires. Additionally, you can fine-tune each of your paradigms, allowing them to function normally or to shift focus to either individual enemies or large groups. How you craft your paradigms can greatly change the status of a battle.

Cinematic Action

The dynamic battles contain cutscenes that allow the player to take part in the action. Successful execution of button prompts can unleash powerful attacks or defensive maneuvers that give players a huge advantage against enemy monsters.