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Thread: first ff game

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    first ff game

    what was your first final fantasy game mine was final fantasy 10.

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    Re: first ff game

    Final Fantasy VII was the first one I ever saw, it was in one of Hacker magazine's, first one I ever played was Final Fantasy IX, though only for a short notice after which I had to return it to my cousin. The first one I truly played and beaten was Final Fantasy VIII which back then on my surprise was quite different compared to IX.

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    Re: first ff game

    i was never a gamer till i played final fantasy 10 then i was playing games none stop
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    Re: first ff game

    Final Fantasy VIII. After watching a friend play, I got a copy along with IX a few months later. I played VIII first simply because it was before IX in the series, not knowing the games had nothing to do with one another. And as Xanatos said, the games were very dissimilar.

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    Re: first ff game

    I was instantly entranced watching my friend play final Fantasy IX for the first time. A few months later he let me borrow it, beat it in about a month, and gave it back. He had the game for 3 years before I got a hold of it, so he was a bit furious when I showed him the ending, which he had yet to complete.

    Bought it for myself about a year later, finished it multiple times, and still haven't lost interest in the game.

    Haven't picked it up in a good minute, but it still projects itself somewhere in the good old cerebral cortex every once in a blue moon.
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    Re: first ff game

    IX was also my first Final Fantasy game. My brother's friend brought it over when he stayed the night, and like Black Waltz, I was entranced by it. The colors, the story, the moogles. It was like no other game I had ever played.

    Then, he sold his copy to me for seven dollars. When I found out that Disc 2 was unplayable for the first part of the disc, I decided to just go ahead and buy a brand new copy.

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    Re: first ff game

    VIII was the first one I had a go at playing. If you can call 'helping my brother in the battles' playing. IX was the first one I saw. V was the first one I properly played. Still remember the haunted ship... I hated that part

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    Re: first ff game

    VII was my first.
    With IX right behind it.

    I never even owned a playstation until the 2. I missed out on a lot in my childhood

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    Re: first ff game

    even though i was kinda a gamer..... i was mostly a nintendo guy like mario and zelda and pokemon...... then one day i don't even remember how i came across this game but one day Final Fantasy 7 crossed my path...... it was a wrap ever since.... i have been basically a non stop gamer ever since...... i even infected my 2 best friends with this and they were hooked from day one as well..... it took me 5 years after beating the game to finally beat ruby and emerald weapon.. i know wow..... since that day 7 has held a special place in my heart.......thank you squaresoft/squarenix and damn you at the same time

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