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Thread: Do any of your parts hurt?

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    Do any of your parts hurt?

    Are you old, like me, now? Do your legs not move right, like they used to? Does your back hurt? Do your knees hurt? Do your shins hurt? Does anything else hurt?

    Sometime in the Fall last year, probably, my knees started to bother me. My back and shins were also doing that beforehand, but the knees started to become particularly noticeable. Sometime in the Springtime, I decided to start working out again. Also, I went to a physical therapist, who told me I should do leg presses a lot. Several months later, I was doing leg presses so much that I was able to do 600 lbs, but my knees were still bothering me. Then, last weekend, my left knee started feeling excruciatingly bad. On Monday night, I was on my floor, groaning and swearing at my knee, loudly. Through the week, it's gotten better, but it's still catching, a lot. My friend told me I might have a meniscus tear, and that I need to just keep moving it through that catch, over and over. I also bought some knee sleeves, and tried to rest it a bit, but I was also testing it off and on, throughout the week. La la la, I don't know if I'm helping or hurting it, lol.

    How much is your body cooperating with you?

    (Edit: side note, I've lost like 40 lbs this year, so that's pretty cool.)

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    My lower back hurts every now and then, but it's because I'm an idiot who has a George Costanza wallet in my back pocket. I've started to keep it in my front pocket and while annoying, it's been helpful.

    My right shoulder is kind of wonky, but I only notice it when I'm playing softball. Some days it feels great and I can throw bullets. Other days, it's kind of embarrassing.

    I tore the ACL in my right knee over a decade ago. Never had it looked at, because according to my parents, I was ok because I could walk. I rehabbed and essentially fixed it myself. I feel it catch every now and then. Not horrible.

    I need to start going back to the gym.
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    I'm 29 now, with one kid out and another in the oven. I'm starting to feel a little old, and particularly sore from doing so much bending down and picking up. So I've really got back in to calisthenics, particularly with gymnast rings slung over a tree now that the weather's getting warmer. I can stretch out and I'm feeling stronger too. So that's a yes and no. Aches and pains are nature's reminder to get out there and get your blood pumping.

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    My lower back hurts from time to time, nothing to do with the age though, although I'm 30 years old so I reckon that's starting to play its part. I had a mild L1 spine fracture two years back, unfortunate and rather clumsy landing while jumping from a huge height on a "balloon" platform of sorts, extreme sports are not my thing, I guess. Really bothered me the first year, wasn't able to do anything overly physically demanding. I got my shit together in the meantime, lost 14kg (30lbs), I'm on a bicycle every night, either regular bike outside or stationary depending on the weather, at least one hour (can cover 16-18km/10-11 miles in that time). So yea, my back's much better, other than that I can't say I have any other issues that I can blame my age for.

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    Things are starting to ache as I get older. Mostly my back. Knees aren't so bad unless I'm sitting funny for long periods of time. Every now and then, I get a kink in my neck which I can crack out.

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    It's a bit depressing to hear about aches and pains from your peers. We used to snicker amongst ourselves whenever the previous generation made those comments. Now, it's our turn.

    Personally, I've always had the odd ache here and there. I've been fortunate that it's been chronic since my childhood, but minor. I've had the time to cope with it so it doesn't bother me so much. I've friends, though, who have been taking medications in order to get through the day.

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