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    ...I want to post a new thread, but I don't know what the topic should be. I'm just gonna say what I did today.

    I started posting this earlier, but the internet went out, and I had to go to work for a couple hours. I worked on this machine an engineer wants us to use, and the company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring here from Ireland. It is bad, though. The old way we do the thing that it's supposed to do is faster, more intuitive, and more accessible than using it. And he needed it done this week, so I had to come in a couple hours on my day off.

    I walked in, and my old trainer was in the area. She doesn't work with us anymore. I was like, "what're you doing over here?" She gestured at this other machine, and I was like, "Oh, you're doing THAT shit?" And she stifled a laugh, and told me she was on a zoom call. I think they could hear me.

    Then I bought 5 bags of Doritos for the price of 2.

    Then I came home and drew Balthier being confused.

    Later I'm gonna play D&D, and offer people my Doritos.

    Are you doing cool stuff?

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    I tested positive for coronavirus, so I'm not doing cool stuff. I'm being paid by my company to sit at home for like two weeks.

    I guess getting free money for catching the plague is cool though. My dogs seem to be enjoying themselves.

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